Sunday, October 19, 2008

Is there really no agenda to promote same-sex marriage in our schools?

The California Teacher’s Association has donated $1.25 million to the No on 8 campaign. When I emailed the President of CTA,
David Sanchez, how this helps teachers, he replied, "There shouldn't be two separate laws for Americans. We stand proud for standing up for what we believe is the right thing to do."

Mr. Sanchez doesn't understand that there are not two different laws. There are two different unions. Only one marriage can create children and must be responsible for that risk.

Also he never told me how his $1.25 million is going to directly help teachers. If the CTA has so much money to spare, maybe cash-strapped teachers should be spared paying dues.

All public school teachers are forced to pay money to the CTA, yet the CTA can give money to an organization that many teachers are morally opposed to. Teachers really do deserve more!


A. said...

CTA doesn't have money to spare! That's for sure. Especially after CTA Tuesday. I wrote to Mr. Sanchez as part of CTA Tuesday. If you write a letter, post it here, they're collecting all of our responses. Together we make more than alone.

Lynda said...

That was a good point at using the money in a more positive kids are always needing to take paper, kleenex ect to school because the school can't afford it.?? At very least they should be required to donate the same amount to Yes on 8, which would negate the donation...and back to using the money in a more positive endevor.

beetlebabee said...

my good friend Rita is a middle school science teacher. She and I were talking today and she said that several teachers at her school made arrangements to have the political parts of their union dues sent somewhere else. I’m not sure the specifics of how that works, but she said they could do it without quitting the union and jeopardizing their jobs. Anyway, at least one of the teachers who took this action is actually a no on 8 voter who is livid because when they took votes during an internal union meeting, the teachers overwhelmingly decided that they needed to focus union funds on smaller class sizes because of budget woes and all of that. Then to have the union turn around and pull this, she was spitting nails mad. So, anyway, that’s the report from Rita.

beetlebabee said...

I forgot to mention... David Sanchez actually wrote Rita back! He said it wasn’t his call to make, that the board made the call to spend the million plus on gay marriage. So. There you go. They ignored the teachers, and they went with the higher ups.